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Multimedia presentation:

When it comes to very effective communication about your Company, Product features, Product education and service, the Multimedia CD Presentation is the answer.
When you deal with Sinaitech for Multimedia CD Presentation you get surety of low cost & high talent.
We will create the great results whether it's electronic brochure, interactive presentation, point of purchase presentations, or advertisement.
Paperless offices concept also means paperless presentations. Multimedia CD Presentation is the most effective way to do the marketing for your product, service or corporate identity.
In the CD presentation we include 2D animation, moving pictures, flash images, voice-over, music, video with theme based creativity.
The first step in creating successful Multimedia CD Presentation is to understand the client's requirements in detail. Sinaitech has knowledgeable team who does in-depth analysis of company goals, strategic business plan & their targeted audience.
We manages Multimedia presentations from start-to-end including theme development, design, programming, sound, voice-over everything you say about multimedia. Deliver these media presentations via CD.

Product Presentations:

At Sinaitech we provide the latest deep level '3D Technology' support for manufacturing, designing furniture and other product based firms. Digital models and animation that serve as a powerful tool and offer maximum flexibility to allow the designer to correct faults in their design or modify their product before it is manufactured.

3D Elevations, Walkthroughs:

Interested in walking through the building or environment you are planning to develop? Then 3D animation and 3D Architectural Walkthroughs are the perfect tools for you! The team at Sinaitech work in close collaboration with your designers to create walkthroughs that will help you with pre-visualizing your project. This also helps if you wish to modify your design or for marketing light commercial buildings or residential complexes in the initial stages of development. We incorporate creative animations and sound effects if required.

Animation works (2D&3D):

We are specialized in creation of 2D & 3D animation compositing. Appeal of our 2D computer animation and 3D computer animation has made us single-window for 3D animation services in Hyderabad. Innovation is the key drive of Sinaitech which enforce us to render ground-breaking solution for 2D & 3D animation. Distinctiveness of our solutions roots in sound technology used in their designing. Moreover we have left our competitors miles behind, by offering these world class services on pocket-friendly rates.

Sinaitech offers creative & technical production Infrastructures to design and produce computer animation & visual effects for films, television, commercials, forensic & medical applications, interactive web applications & education, with a strong focus on digital 3D content creation.

Interior, Exterior, Industrial promos etc.

Corporate Brochures (Designing and printing):

Brochure Designing is the one-stop resource for all your brochure design needs! Here you will find the solutions for all your requirements – from the outline of concepts and messages of your brochure, to the final printing.
Brochures are the spearhead of marketing efforts: their purpose is not only to inform the customer about the products or services you offer, but also to emphasize the fact that you offer better solutions than your competitors.

At Sinaitech our approach to brochure design revolves around these concepts

Logo Branding:

A company/corporate logo is the face of the company and a symbol that represents the company. Logo is used while advertising a company in order to attract visitors win their trust and build strong brand recognition. Logo design establishes your identity. A strong identity will help your business attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back. Reinforce brand, helping solidify consumer loyalty.

Familiarity is key to growing your business. Logo design is a primary factor since your company logo is the cornerstone of all of your marketing and promotional material. Create a positive, long-term impression. After establishing your identity, your goal is increasing consumer remembrance. An effective logo design can help turn your business into a household name. Professional logo design increases credibility. Competition is fierce in today's economy. Business owners, small and large, need to gain credibility in order to contend with existing industry leaders.

Photography (Industrial, Product etc.):

Industrial photography can be defined as photographic practice that takes place within and/or at the behest of an industrial organization, to document production processes, products, work organization, employees, or the layout, equipment, or culture of an enterprise. The pictures may serve either internal (e.g. administrative or industrial relations) or external (e.g. advertising or public relations) purposes. Industrial photography is a highly diverse phenomenon. It reflects both the technical and aesthetic currents prevalent in photography generally at a given time; and prevailing notions of photography's usefulness to industry.

Add campaign:

An advertising campaign is a series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication (IMC). Advertising campaigns appear in different media across a specific time frame.
The critical part of making an advertising campaign is determining a champion theme as it sets the tone for the individual advertisements and other forms of marketing communications that will be used. The campaign theme is the central message that will be communicated in the promotional activities. The campaign themes are usually developed with the intention of being used for a substantial period but many of them are short lived due to factors such as being ineffective or market conditions and/or competition in the marketplace and marketing mix.

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