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With the world-class infrastructure, encompassing a research and development center, Sinaitech offers best, technologically advanced, and innovative training programs. Sinaitech training programs facilitate corporate and students build proactive and high performance teams, which translate their corporate vision into reality.

All our structured training programs that conform to International Standards provide the new knowledge, skills and insights to effectively compete, increase productivity and achieve business goals to sustain the competitive advantage. Sinaitech caters to individuals who aspire for empowered careers with high growth rate through generative and experiential learning.

Sinaitech opens itself to a process of helping aspiring individuals to better themselves and to be educationally empowered to promote their vision.

With complete training facility following training options are available:

SEO training

Web training


Before understanding about SEO Training you need to understand what SEO. SEO is a short form of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a procedure that makes your website perceptible to the objective patrons on the net. Each website designed merits to be recognized, and seen on Google, yahoo, MSN and other search engines. We make it happen for you with the command of our SEO Services.

If you want to have a career in SEO, now is the time for internet marketing. All companies require upholding its products and services via online promotions to increase queries that lead to progress in trade. You can establish your career immediately after completion of training with Sinaitech and acquire high-quality assignment in best MNC companies . The job sphere of a SEO skilled is huge in India and gigantic in the foreign countries. And with the time and practice the proficiency of the person improvises and one can begin a SEO Consultancy of their own and make attractive wealth with it.

Professional Expert SEO (training program)

Basics of SEO
Keyword assessment
Off page optimization
On page optimization
Prologue to SEO
Creating effectual Title Tags
Creating helpful META Tag
Deciding appropriate keywords
Integrating keywords in the site
Optimizing every page
Outlining indexes or directories
Submission to vital search directories
Submission to crawler search engines
Synopsis of "spam"
Creating Search engine friendly site
Monitoring website visitors


We at Sinaitech provide Web training on live projects and do not believe in theory based training. So if you are interested in mastering the skills of web designing, by functioning with the professionals who are master in web designing then we are the group you were tracking for. With us you would” work and learn” on live projects which is not possible in regular institutes wherein it is more of hypothesis and a smaller amount of practice. If you would be one of the shortlisted candidate that the company is hunting for then we would provide you training and ample prospects to work and discover.

Our web training envelops an extensiveness of Web work starting from HTML to Flash and from Dreamweaver to Photoshop. Each and every fragment is skilled by the professionals who are masters in web designing.

We train on following to craft web designing professionals

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Flash
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe PageMaker
Coral Draw
Scripting (HTML, CSS)

Live project Training:

For MCA and Engineering Students in addition to project implementation we also give in depth understanding in related technologies, so that you can fit in any domain of s/w development.

A Dedicated project guide, who will be available to you any time you have queries related to project, also you will have the option of communication with the guide either by email or phone.

Our team will also help you to making project presentation using Power Point. If required we will teach you the same.

Complete guidance for making the final project report.

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